If one or two events cut your ticket, ZEbet will offer you a free bet.

Cut-2 Refund

ZEbet will offer you a free bet of up to N3000 if two games cut your ticket, provided you stake at least N1000 on 15 or more events. No minimum odds or other complex requirements.

To qualify for the Cut-2 refund ;

  1. Stake a minimum of N1000. The higher your stake, the higher the Cut-2 refund.
  2. Select at least 15 events on the coupon

The table below shows the Cut-2 refund band for each stake amount;

Stake Band Refund
N1,000 - 2,500 N500
N2,500.01 - N5,000 1,500
N5,000.01 - N10,000 N3,000
N10,000 - above N5,000

Please note that the Cut-2 refund bonus can be used to place a bet of a minimum of 5 selections and 3 odds. Also, the bonus will expiry in 3 day if it is used.

Cut-1 Refund

ZEbet will refund your stake if 1 game cut your ticket.

Here are the requirements

  • Select a minimum of 8 events on your ticket
  • Each event must have minimum odds of 1.30
  • If the events on your ticket are more than 8, please note that all the games on your ticket must have a minimum of 1.30 odds.
  • Example: If your ticket has 9 events with 1 event having odds of 1.20, this ticket will NOT be insured by the ACCA Refund. All  9 events on your ticket must have minimum odds of 1.30 to be adjudged to qualify for the ACCA Refund if one game cuts your ticket
  • All games on the ticket will be recalculated as 1.0 and the stake amount will be credited to your reserved balance for you to try again.
  • This applies strictly to Sportsbook Football Games “pre-match”

    STEP 1: Select a minimum of 8 events on your ticket. Each event must have a minimum odds of 1.30. If one game cuts your ticket, this ticket will automatically qualify for the ACCA Refund and you will see a notification informing you of your freebet as seen in the box below. Please note that your refund will be credited to your reserved account (see below):

    STEP 2: To play using your ACCA Refund, click on Bonuses,  and click 'APPLY' to use your refund for a new bet selection. On mobile view, Bonuses can be found when you click ' Betslip' at the bottom right of the page. Note: You must make your new selection of games before you are able to apply the ACCA Refund.

    STEP 3: To know you have successfully applied your ACCA Refund to your new Betslip, you will see the stake amount to the value of your refund. This amount cannot be changed as seen below in grey:

    Book your Betslip and be on your way to winning!