Booking Codes of the Day- May 18th

Segun, Lagos

Booking code:


Odds: 20.30

  • Newcastle United to win Brighton
  • Borussia Dortmund to win Fortuna Dusseldorf
  • Karlslunde IF to win Taarnby FF
  • Motala AIF FK to win Bodens BK
  • Viby IF to win Vri

    Kingsley, Abia

    Booking code:


    Odds: 13.32

  • Borussia Dortmund vs Fortuna Dusseldorf- Over 2.5
  • Karlslunde IF vs Taarnby FF- Over 2.5
  • Viby IF vs Vri- Over 2.5
  • Preussen Munster vs Bonner SC- Over 2.5
  • US Lecce vs Sassuolo Calcio- Over 2.5
  • Piteaa IF vs FC Stockholm Internazionale- Over 2.5

    Kcee, Enugu

    Booking code:


    Odds: 3.31

  • Viby IF vs Vri- Over 4.5
  • SV Sonsbeck vs FSV Duisburg- Over 4.5
  • Yxhults IK vs IFK Skovde FK- Over 4.5
  • VfL Gummersbach vs Bergischer HC- Over 4.5

    Azeez, Abuja

    Booking code:


    Odds: 1,486.12

  • US Lecce vs Sassuolo Calcio- Draw
  • Piteaa IF vs FC Stockholm Internazionale- Draw
  • Notvikens IK vs Kiruna FF- Draw
  • Karlbergs BK vs FC Jarfalla- Draw
  • PK-35 Helsinki vs FC Futura- Draw

    Ruth, Lagos

    Booking code:


    Odds: 70.33

  • Krefelder FC Uerdingen 05 to win FC Kray
  • TUS BW Konigsdorf to win Sve Hohkeppel
  • SPVG Frechen 20 to win Fortuna Koln II
  • IK Oddevold to win Oskarshamns AIK
  • Eskilsminne IF to win Aatvidabergs FF
  • Sollentuna FK to win Umea FC

    Temitope, Lagos

    Booking code:


    Odds: 5.51

  • Wat Funfhaus HB to win HIB Handball Graz
  • SPR Chrobry Glogow to win SPR Tarnow
  • VfL Gummersbach to win Bergischer HC
  • Dunkerque HB to win Limoges Handball

    Kemi, Ogun

    Booking code:


    Odds: 880.44

  • Vri to Viby IF
  • IK Zenith to win Torslanda IK
  • Notvikens IK to win Kiruna FF
  • Sandvikens AIK FK to win IFK Osteraaker FK
  • IK Gauthiod to win Stenungsunds IF

    Ose, Ogun

    Booking code:


    Odds: 65.75

  • Tolo IF vs Vastra Frolunda IF
  • US Lecce vs Sassuolo Calcio
  • Piteaa IF vs FC Stockholm Internazionale
  • Notvikens IK vs Kiruna FF
  • Karlbergs BK vs FC Jarfalla
  • All to score Over 2.5


    Benita, Benue

    Booking code:


    Odds: 98.65

  • Piteaa IF vs FC Stockholm Internazionale
  • Borussia Dortmund vs Fortuna Dusseldorf
  • Motala AIF FK vs Bodens BK
  • Viby IF vs Vri
  • Sandvikens AIK FK vs IFK Osteraaker FK
  • IK Gauthiod vs Stenungsunds IF
  • All to score Over 3.5


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