“Draw No Bet” Meaning In Betting – What is it and How does it Work?

If you are a regular bettor, you should have seen the DNB (draw no bet) betting market in at least one Sportsbook and may be wondering what it means. Here, we will be explaining the meaning of DNB meaning in betting and the other things you need to know about it. We’ll also be giving some examples to help you understand it better. 

DNB Meaning In Betting 

The DNB (draw no bet) bet market simply means that you are supporting a team to win. If the team wins, you win and if they lose, you lose. However, if the match ends in a draw (tie), you neither win nor lose so your bet is refunded fully. 

So the rule is simple if the team you’re supporting wins, you win, if they don’t win, you don’t win and if they draw with their opponents, you get refunded. This is one strategy bettors use to protect their stakes. 

Note that not all Sportsbooks offer bettors this option for the various sports because a sport like Tennis or Basketball can’t end in a tie. These sports can’t end in a tie because restrictions are set to ensure it doesn’t end in a draw. Hence, this leaves the DNB bet market available for sports like football. 

Sometimes, some Sportsbooks may even offer you the DNB bet option for both the first and the second half of matches, apart from the full-time match market. You can read our other post on rollover bet and easy bets to win money.

What Sports Feature Draw No Bet Market?

The reason why Sportsbooks can’t offer the DNB bet on all sports is that not all sports matches end in a draw. Nevertheless, some popular sports like Football and Cricket can end in a tie. Some other sports where bookies can offer the draw no bet wager include:

  • American football (rarely)
  • Soccer
  • Chess
  • Ice hockey
  • Cricket
  • Australian rules
  • Horse Racing
  • Boxing
  • Other Racing Sports

Note that some sports have rules to ensure that the match doesn’t end in a tie. For example, the tiebreaker rule in Tennis ensures that the match doesn’t last for too long, hence, it doesn’t end in a toe. This is why you don’t see the DNB bet option available for Tennis, Basketball, or Sumo. One team must win the match. 

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How are the odds impacted?

When you remove the draw as a likely outcome of a match, you’ve eliminated part of the Sportsbooks protection. Basically, this implies that you and the Sportsbook have only one outcome that finalizes the bet. Therefore, the odds will be lesser than a normal match result bet. This is not bad since your risk of losing your bet is reduced. 

Examples of Draw No Bet Wagers and Outcomes

For instance, if you want to bet on a Football match between Chelsea and Arsenal and the odds outcomes of this theoretical match are detailed below:

Chelsea – 21/20 (2.05)

Arsenal – 7/10 (1.70)

If we were speaking about the casual match-winner betting market, the odds of the game would be like this:

Chelsea – 21/10 (3.10)

Arsenal – 29/20 (2.45)

Since the “draw” outcome is removed, the odds are reduced, so it’s still fair.

Let’s assume that on the DNB (draw no bet) betting market you wager N20 that Arsenal will win the game. If they win, you stand a chance to win N21 so the full payout you will get will be N41. However, if the game ends in a tie, you will get the entire amount (N20) of your bet back and everything would be like you didn’t place any bet at first. However, if Chelsea wins the match, you stand to lose the N20 you wager on the event.

What do I do if the bookie doesn’t offer to draw any bet?

There are two things you can do in this situation. You can ask the betting market if their bookmaker offers bettors the “request a bet” option. Alternatively, you can generate the exact outcome and you can do this by dividing your bet by the decimal probability for a draw. Put the amount you calculated on the match in a tie and the rest of your bet on the team you support. This is basically equivalent to the “draw no bet” market.

When to use the DNB market bet

Here are some situations where you can use the DNB marker bet;

  • When you want to bet on an outsider. This way, the value still remains.
  • Where you believe that the draw is very possible. This way, you will decrease your risk of losing.
  • If you support a big favorite and your favorite is losing in play.

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Are there other similar betting markets?

There are some similar betting markets you can choose if the bookmarks don’t offer you the “draw no bet” option. One good example of an alternate betting market is the “double chance” market since it gives bettors similar security just like the “draw no bet” market. When betting on a double chance market you simply place two out of three outcomes of the match in three-way markets. For instance:

  • Home and draw
  • Away and draw
  • Home and away

Although odds on this kind of market will not be as good as the game betting market, if you like to place only low-risk bets, this is the perfect option for you.

Asian handicap as an option to draw no bet betting

Another option you can use for the DNB bet market is the level Asian handicap bet market. This market presents the handicap as 0. If the match ends in a tie, your bet will be refunded and this is the exact outcome as the draw has no bet market.  

Nevertheless, the Draw No Bet market offers gamblers the means to calculate and gauge their own Draw No Bet odds. They can make use of two different bookmakers or betting exchanges to do this. This adds more value to the wager and is something the level Asian handicap can’t offer bettors.


At this point, you should know DNB meaning in betting. The “Draw No Bet” market is simply the right way for you to protect yourself as a bettor. This strategy is particularly good for people who are patient and need a safe kind of bet, as it reduces your risk of losing your wager. We wrote a piece on tips on how to predict a football match correctly.

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