Easy Bets To Win Money

Although betting can be very challenging, it is fun. While winnings occur, it doesn’t happen often and this is one factor that puts many people off betting. Factors like weak strategy, inexperience, and poor knowledge of sports can make it more difficult for you to win a bet. Fortunately, there are some easy bets to win money which you can try to increase your chances of winning a stake. Let’s give you a breakdown of these easy bets and how you can use them to your advantage.

What Is An Easy Bet?

Before we dive into the list of easy bets to win money, let’s discuss what makes a bet easy. Generally, bets that are considered easy give bettors higher chances of winning and have lesser risks, unlike other bets. In these kinds of bets, there is a greater possibility that your money (stake) is safe. Also, the probability that you will lose your style is greatly reduced. Therefore, these bets are different from arbitrage bets, since you are not laying out your bet completely when wagering on easy bets.

What Are The Easiest Bets to Win?

We’ve explained below some easy bets to win money. These bets also offer you a good opportunity to understand some basic strategies in the world of betting.

1. Goal-Goal/Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

BTTS bet requires bettors to predict if both teams in a match will score a goal or if they won’t. It is one of the most successful odds in football and the most popular bet that bettors place their money. Hence, they have enjoyed great success over the years.

The main reason for this success is not linked to the level of expertise or the bettors being professional in the game. Rather, it is more of a bettor’s capacity to watch the tide carefully and speculate matches that have higher team goal-scoring possibilities.

This implies that some matches will naturally produce a higher chance of goal-scoring between the teams involved in the match than others. Hence, a gambler should be able to easily identify these games to enjoy a far better betting game with easy rewards.

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2. Over/Under

This type of bet can work in your favor if you choose a smaller figure as your reference. In some games where both teams playing are strong enough to hit goals regularly, you can place the over/under bet figure at a very low point of 0.5. In this situation, you will lose your bet only if the outcome of the game is a clean sheet, which is almost impossible. Also, since you are not predicting any exact figure but only the range, this kind of bet is a bit easier.

The Over/Under market is very popular among bettors and generally depends on forecasting how many goals the teams will score in a match.

If you think that the gross number of goals the match will end with will not be more than 3 goals, you can bet under 3.5 goals.

If you believe that a game will produce at least 2 goals, then betting over 1.5 and above is a great option. The 2.5 goal line is the most common goal range for bettors, whether they are betting over or under the margin.

3. Double Chance Bet

In this type of betting market, you win a stake when two out of three outcomes are obtained. This implies that even draw games win when you placed a stake on the probability of a draw or loss.

The double chance bet is just like a safer alternative to betting a straight win. A normal football match has 3 outcomes. It’s either you win, draw, or lose.

Basically, selecting any of these alternatives for the home team (usually depicted by 1) or the away team (usually depicted by 2) leaves you vulnerable to loss from either of the two possibilities. The Double chance alternative reduces these harsh risks by ensuring you are a winner of two out of the three given possibilities.

While the outcome of a straight wager on a match generally has just three-bet options, which are:

  • -1: Home team wins
  • -X: draw
  • -2: away team win

The double chance bet market has these options:

  • 1X: Home team either wins or draws
  • 12: the game outcome must finish in a win with no deliberation as to whether any of the teams are the winners
  • X2: away team either wins or draws

If you choose 1X as your double chance bet, you win the stake if the home team doesn’t win or the game ends in a draw. If the team playing away wins, then you lose the bet.

X2 is the complete opposite of 1X. While the X2 bet means that there has to be a winner with no specifics for the team to win

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4. Half Time Bets

Generally, Half-time bets are fast-paced so you get your results within just 45 minutes (half of 90 minutes), rather than the normal 90 minutes.

Half-time bets are made up of a majority of the betting markets that bettors can play in full-time. So in order to win the stake, you must determine which team will win a half, if the game will end in a tie, or if any team will have a double change (I.e. half-time 1X or X2).

Another alternative is to consider the over-under/under-betting market.

Most matches will never score more than four goals within the first half. So it is realistic to place your bet on the under 4.5 goals for the first half. This type of bet provides you with a greater chance of winning unlike betting on the outcome of a full 90 minutes game.

5. Minutes To Score

This betting market is solely dependent on intuition and having vast knowledge about the teams playing.

When it comes to minutes to score, there are generally four options:

  • Score a goal before 10 minutes
  • Score a goal before 15 minutes,
  • Score a goal to 20 minutes
  • Score a goal to 45 minutes.

Is Over/Under First-Half Goals Betting Market Easier To Win?

Undoubtedly, the over/under first-half goals betting market is very easy to win. All you have to do is just find out about the opening strategy of competing teams. If both teams playing in the match start strong, or if they have strong players who exhibit aggressive attacks at the start of the match, the first half is likely to experience the fastest goals. Therefore, you can place your bet on the over/under 2/5. The under-5 bet is a stronger possibility since most teams don’t pick that kind of speed to score more than five goals during the first half.

Also, if you need an easy value bet, just go for the over-first-half goal betting market. It is better you keep your guess just at over 0.5 or 1 primarily when picking the over-goal betting market for the first half.

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What is Draw No Bet And How Does it Help To Reduce Risk?

In the draw-no-bet betting market, the bet is terminated and the stake is refunded to the bettor if the game ends in a draw. Therefore, it is between the match result betting market and the double chance betting market in relation to odds value. While the match result involves odds of only 1/2, the double chance bet involves stands at 1/8. Hence, the chance of getting 1/6 on a draw-no-bet match between competitive teams like Chelsea and Leeds will give you a better chance to earn and secure the investment.

Here, the punter does not forfeit all the money since the bet is terminated when the outcome is a draw. This bet works very well when the stronger team in a match is not clear. In this match, there is a strong possibility that it will end in a draw, since both teams playing are strong. Therefore, to reduce your chance of loss and gain from better odds, you can go for this bet.

Draw no bet usually appears as an alternative in these kinds of sports:

  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Horse racing
  • Various racing sports
  • Chess

The double chance betting market is quite similar to this kind of betting market. However, the difference between the double chance betting market and this is that the bettor can still win money if the game ends in a draw. You can combine the draw no bet market with the accumulator combo bet, and place safer bets with your combination. For more on this topic, check out: “Draw No Bet” – What is it and How it Works.

How To Identify An Easy Bet

An easy bet offers bettors a better chance to win the match without them taking too many risks. Also, it is quite easy to bet the outcome of easy bets, since their results are very obvious. Here are some good features of an easy bet:

A strong team with strong players plays against a weak team on their home ground

  • Both teams competing are equal in strength and may likely share a point; therefore, it is more possible that the game ends in a draw
  • The wager does not demand bettors to predict any exact score
  • Prop bets, such as those available during a live betting situation have quite low odds and are very easy to guess
  • Betting on a given range of scores like the over/under 3 and others likewise
  • All tipsters suggest the same outcome

Identifying a relatively easy bet needs you to make in-depth research. As a novice, you may even feel overwhelmed by the number of games and opportunities available. Therefore, you can ask for help from a pro soccer tipster who can give you a reliable opinion with over 80% accuracy.

Final Thought

If you want to increase your chances of a successful bet outcome, follow the list of easy bets to win money we’ve provided above. However, if you are a novice, who is still confused about the whole idea of easy bets, you can use the services of a professional tipster to remove your doubts. This makes the process easier and less risky for you. Remember, betting is just a game of chance and no particular outcome is guaranteed.

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