Half Time Full Time in Betting – Everything You Need to Know

Over the past few years, the half-time, full-time betting market has become very prevalent among punters and has been accepted by online bookmakers. This kind of betting is very versatile, offers you so many more betting types, and allows you to strategies well to get better results. Below is an overview of the fundamental details of half-time, and full-time betting. Read about our article on best strategies to win more money in bet.

What Does Half Time Full Time (HF TF) Mean in Betting?

In the Half-time, full-time betting market, bettors are allowed to bet on teams dominating in a match during the first half of the match, and the team dominating when the game ends, the second half. If the team dominating the match at half-time is the team playing at home, then the other team may lead full-time. Essentially, this implies that you can place a bet on any team to score a goal during the first half of the game, and at full-time, you can bet that there will be a draw.

How Half Time Full Time Bets Work

To make optimal use of the half-time, and full-time betting market, it is important to understand how it works. The half-time, full-time bet falls under the classification of double bets. You can decide to wager several times on the standing half-time and also wager multiple times on the full-time. It is similar to wincast betting or scorecast betting.

The system is set up in the following ways; to win, there has to be more than one outcome, and you need to bet on both sides. In case the match is abandoned, the bet placed will not count and will be voided.


Types of HT FT Bets

The Half-time and full-time bets have developed, and can now be categorized into two different types. They give bettors more than one alternative to select from for numerous events. Half-time and full-time chances come in different variations. These are the winner, goals, correct score, corner kicks, as well as cards, among others. Here are more details about these sub-categories of bets:

1. Winner

This is a category of half-time, a full-time betting market system where the bettor has to predict which of the teams will be the winner. Note that you must think carefully before predicting, as you can lose the bet if the outcome favors the opposite side. If the team you predicted wins the game, then you also win. Hence, your winning or losing depends on the ultimate outcome of the scores of the match. If anything interrupts the match and it doesn’t resume, you will lose the stake.

2. Goals

Another great way to earn lucrative profits in the half-time, full-time system market, is by betting on the goals gamble. It majorly entails predicting how many goals either of the competing teams will score during a match. If you correctly predict the goal scores, you win the bet. To bet on this, just select the team that appears more promising and assess their former performance. If the team you choose doesn’t score the number of goals you predicted, you lose the bet. Also, if the match is incomplete, you lose the bet.

3. Correct Score

The correct score category involves predicting the correct score of a game. For you to win this bet, any score you predict must be the exact outcome of the game. As a punter who wants to win this bet, having the right information about a team can come in handy. The more information you have about a team, the more accurate your score predictions are likely to be. If the score you predicted on the bet is not correct, you will lose the stake.

4. Corner Kicks

This kind of betting system involves predicting the number of corner kicks that will be made in the first and second half of the game. Quality sportsbooks are likely to give you ranges of the number of corners kicks that you can select from. So all you have to do as a bettor is to choose any of the ranges provided and place a bet on it. If you predict correctly, you win.

5. Bookings

This category of betting system in the half-time, full-time bet market makes use of predictions on how many cards will be shown in a particular match. Essentially, the bettor places a wager on the exact number of cards that will be shown and wagers on what team will receive more cards or the team that will get the first card from the referee during the match. The offer on this kind of bet depends on the bookmaker’s policy since they all have numerous guidance on this category of half-time, full-time bet.

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Which Sports are Good for Half Time Full Time Bets?

Due to its insane popularity, the halftime full time betting market can be gotten in almost every sport. If the match is separated into a minimum of two periods (halftime and full time), you can place a bet on numerous kinds of sports. Although most games available in this betting market are football games, other kinds of sports like American Football, Rugby, and Basketball are also used for half-time/full-time bets.

Half Time Full Time Betting Strategies

This betting system has one of the most diverse strategies. There are various sets of betting strategies that bettors can use for the half-time and full-time betting market.

You can start by selecting each match to have your preferred winner during the first half and include that the match ends with a draw. This implies that the ratio of your results will be in your favor. Note that before you place any bet, you must consider the kind of team you are wagering on if they are playing home or away. There’s always a struggle for away teams to get to an advantaged position before the match gets to half-time. Lastly, take a look at the statistics of each team and carefully consider the available odds you can use to make the best choice on a bet.

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Bottom Line

As the name implies, the whole notion of halftime full time bets involves wagering on the outcome of a game at two different stages (halftime and full time). One advantage of this kind of betting market is that you don’t need too much time to learn what it entails. Going through the details above should give you a clear guide on how you can navigate the halftime and full time betting market successfully.

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