How to withdraw


Q1. How can I make withdrawals from my account and check status of withdrawals?

For first time withdrawals, an account must be set beforehand as follows:

  • Click on “My Profile” as shown in the red box

  • Click on “Payment Accounts” as shown in the red box, then click on "Add Account".

  • Select account type/method and enter the account number in the “Payment Account Details” Box, then click on "Save".


You can then proceed to withdrawals:

  • Click “My Profile” button and then click on “Withdrawals”.


  • Enter the amount and the payment account, and click on "Withdrawal" button.


  • You can see your previous transactions on your deposits and withdrawals by clicking “My Profile” button and then clicking on “Financial”.


Q2. Can I use a different account number to make withdrawals?

  • No, you cannot use a different account number with another person’s details to make withdrawals. ZEbet will only allow for the account holder's account number to make any withdrawal.