How to claim your cut-1 & cut-2 freebet bonus

STEP 1:  If one or two games cuts your ticket, this ticket will automatically qualify for the CUT-1 and CUT-2 and you will see a notification in green  informing you of your freebet as seen in the yellow box below. Please note that your refund will be credited to your bonus balance (see below):

how to claim cut 1 & 2 free bonus

STEP 2: To play using your CUT-1 or CUT-2 Freebet,

  • Select Your games.
  • Click on Betslip to view your selections.
  • Click on Freebet to select either CUT-1 or CUT-2 depending on the one you qualified for as shown in the yellow box.


STEP 3: A drop down of the CUT-1 and CUT-2 bonus with the amount qualified for will be shown and you can select either of them as seen in the first and second screenshot below for CUT-1 and CUT-2.


STEP 4: You can only select and apply one freebet at a time. After you must have selected, click on the X button as shown in the yellow box below.

step 4

STEP 5: The freebet amount selected will be applied on the selections on your ticket and the amount cannot be changed as shown in the yellow box below. Kindly proceed to place your bets by clicking on "PLACE BETS".


Please note that there is no minimum odds and turnover required for you to claim your bonus. You can stake this on any type of odds and number of games you desire and when won, the won amount is transferred to your main balance for you to withdraw.