STEP 1: Login your account with your username and password and then click on deposit as shown in the yellow arrow.

STEP 2: Input your desired deposit amount and click on the deposit button under the Paystack Transfer payment method as shown with the yellow arrow.

STEP 3:   Click on proceed to payment.

STEP 4:  Click on the paystack logo to proceed to the next step.

STEP 5: At this point, a virtual account number (Either Zenith or Wema bank) will be generated for you. Make a transfer to any of the available account number and after it is successful, come back to your page and click on "I've sent the money".

NOTE: For successful Transaction

  • The virtual account number lasts for only 30 minutes and must be used only for the transaction. Your transaction will fail if the account number is used after 30 minutes as this has expired.
  • Make a transfer of the original amount inserted. For e.g. If you inserted N100 as the amount, kindly transfer N100 only. Please do not transfer a lower amount or higher amount. If you decide to change your mind on the amount, you will have to generate another account number and make your transfer.
  • Do not save the virtual account number as it must be generated each time you intend to make your deposit.


Kindly contact support via the live chat or or 01-8888238 and provide the following:

  • The virtual account number you used to make the transfer.
  • Your personal bank details.
  • Email address
  • Screenshot of the debit alert (if available).