STEP 1: Login to your account

STEP 2: Now you can choose your sports (Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football etc.) from the menu on the homepage.

STEP 3: Pick the type of league and match you want to forecast

STEP 4: Click on the three bars beside the match you wish to forecast as shown in the red box.

STEP 5: At this point, you can get Head to Head comparison between the two teams.

STEP 6: To advance your forecast, click on the red box to view standings/table.


STEP 7: Now “Winning just got easier” as you can forecast like a pro!

Note: This is where We Speak your game! as you can now

• View results and fixtures by clicking on the red box.


• View highest goal scorers in the league/competition by click on the red box.


• View player with the highest number of cards (yellow and red) in the league/competition by clicking on the red box.

• Follow the build up to the match and as events unfolds on “Twitter” by clicking on the red box.