Log in to your account by inserting your username and password then click “LOGIN”


STEP 2: Select your preferred sports (Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football, etc.) from the menu on the homepage and and choose the specific league you want to stake on. For example, click on Football to see the list of “Competitions” available and select the drop-down button to pick the leagues

STEP 3: Choose the outcome of the event (fixture) you wish to stake on from the various market options

Select odds

STEP 4: After making your predictions, click on the "Betslip" located at the bottom right of your screen.


STEP 5: Input/select the desired amount, you wish to stake (Always bet responsibly) and then click on “PLACE BETS

enter Amount

STEP 6: You will get a confirmation message on your screen that your Betslip has been authorized and also display a booking code that you can share with friends!

Booking code


Note: You can book your bets even when logged out. Simply follow steps 1-5 above and a Booking code of alpha-numeric combinations will automatically be generated.


Understanding combination/system bet

  • For illustration, below is an example with the event represented in letters. We will choose 4 events and try to combine them:
Man City Vs Norwich City = A
West Ham United vs Liverpool FC = B
Arsenal vs Sheffield United = C
Newcastle vs Man United = D
  • If you fully combine the events, the possible combinations will be as follows:
Singles=4 (A,B,C,D)
Doubles=6 (AB,AC,AD,BC,BD,CD)
Trebles=4 (ABC,ABD,BCD,ACD)
Folds=1 (ABCD)
  • For example, if event A is losing, all combinations that contain that event will be losing:
  AB-losing    AC-losing
  AD-losing    BC-winning
  BD-winning   CD-winning
 ABC-losing   ABD-losing
 ACD-losing   BCD-winning
  • Any combination among these events that doesn’t contain the losing event, will be winning.
    You can decide to bet only on doubles, or only on trebles, etc., or to make a full combination as above.
  • ZEbet system will automatically calculate the number of combinations, so you just have to select the events, click on COMBINED, to tick the desired combination, and insert the stake.

To Place Single, ACCA (Accumulator), and COMBI (Combination) Bets

STEP 1: Login to your account at

STEP 2: Select your games

STEP 3: Click on the "Betslip" located at the bottom right of your screen.

STEP 4: Choice of bet either Single, ACCA and COMBI,