STEP 1: Login your account by inserting your username and password then click “LOGIN”

STEP 2: Click on your choice of sports (Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football etc.) from the menu on the homepage as shown in the yellow box.

STEP 3: Click on Football to see the list of “Competitions” available and select the drop down button to pick the leagues as shown in the yellow box.

STEP 4: Pick the choice of team you desire from each league e.g. for French league as shown in the yellow box and proceed to “BETSLIP” as shown in the red box.

STEP 5: Select the desired amount, click on “ACCEPT CHANGES” and then you will see “ACCA” before you “PLACE BETS”

STEP 6: You will get a confirmation message on your screen that your Betslip has been authoriuzed.