Top 11 Most Physically Demanding Sports

While many sports can be played with ease, it takes a lot of effort for athletes to engage in some of them. These categories of sports will get your sweat dripping, your heart pumping, and strain your muscles. In this article, we’ll highlight the top 10 most physically demanding sports in the world. Our focus will be more on the different competitive and highly strenuous sports and less on recreational sports.

What Makes These Sports Demanding?

These special categories of sports are well-known to be strenuous and extremely physically taxing on the body. Athletes who compete in sports go through a lot of training to become experts at it. It may even take them years to become professionals.

In order to succeed in any competition for these sports, the athletes must go through a lot of muscle-building exercises. These sports will cause your heart to beat faster and overall body tiredness. The most physically demanding Sports are the ones that require the most dedication and training. Also, you may undergo a lot of suffering and pain during the training.

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Top 11 Most Physically Demanding Sports in the World

Based on toughness, stiffness, and stamina, here is a list of the most physically demanding sports:

1. Boxing

Boxing is one of the oldest physical sports in the world. Its origin dates back to thousands of years ago. Although this sport has been existing for a long time, it is still considered one of the hardest sports to master. It takes a lot of courage to become a professional boxer.

Boxing is an extremely physically demanding sport that requires you to have considerable speed, strength, and power before partaking in it. Professionals have labelled boxing as the most physically demanding sport for any athlete. The game requires power, strength, perseverance, and the capacity to cope with huge blows over a period of time.

2. Motocross

Motocross is a popular off-road bike racing. In this racing, two-wheeled vehicles will be made to compete against one another. It is majorly an outdoor sport that is organized in stadiums or any other natural terrain.  This sport is extremely tough and rough to compete in. It is not for the physically weak.

3. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is also considered one of the hardest sports to master in the world. This sport requires the most training, dedication, and endurance to pain and suffering. Gymnastics primarily involves a combination of tumbles and acrobatic movements, which are performed on a wooden beam, bar, balls, trampoline or hoops. The athletes will need to have strength, balance, rhythm, flexibility, and dexterity to participate in this sport since there will be a lot of twisting and turning.

There are many forms of Gymnastics and each of them needs participants to master two or more skills. To excel as a gymnast, you require a combination of physical fitness, sound reflexes, balance and profound mental strength.

4. Swimming

You’re probably surprised to see swimming on this list, however, many people considered it to be very difficult.  Swimming is one of the most physically demanding sports because it is difficult to master.

Professional swimmers have to undergo a ridiculous amount of training to be able to swim fast. Working out your speed in water is not as easy as doing it on land because water isn’t a natural habitat for humans.

Athletes usually compete on different challenging, winding courses across extremely rocky terrain. They have to attempt different tricks like leaping, ditching, as well as trespassing. Any rider can participate in the sport as long as they have a dirt bike.

5. Figure Skating

Figure skating is regarded as a difficult sport because it needs participants to have a lot of stamina and endurance. Participants must learn how to skate for prolonged periods, and perform tricky jumps and spins on the ice. The sport is also very competitive.

Skaters will need a lot of coordination and balance to see through till the end of the competition. They must perform difficult moves and jumps while maintaining their balance on the ice. This can be extremely challenging, particularly for people who are not used to skating.

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6. Wrestling

Wrestling is a fighting sport in which two competitors have to tussle to win the match. It is also physically demanding compared to many other sports. Wrestling needs contestants to train many times a day and have a lot of stamina. Wrestlers can also withstand a lot of pain and suffering.

7. Water Polo

Water polo is regarded as a difficult sport because it needs athletes to have a lot of physical vigour and coordination. Contestants have to be able to swim well and fast and should be capable of passing and shooting fast and accurately while swimming. Also, since water polo is considered a contact sport, competitors have to be able to withstand extreme physical contact directly from their opponents.

One aspect that is considered very challenging in this sport is learning to swim fast with one arm while you’re carrying the ball in your other arm. You need a lot of coordination and practice to make this move. Players of Water also have to train themselves to tread water for a very long time without getting tired since matches can take up to one hour to get completed.

8. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is noted for its fast skating and extremely aggressive, physical contact with the athlete’s body. The physical aggressiveness of this game restricts the time spent on the ice to about 30 or 80 seconds, followed by about 4- to 5-minute rests between each round. Ice hockey is considered the most deadly sport by international medical insurance. This is because its fast and instant movements can be very physically demanding.

9. Rugby

Rugby is a forcefully brutal and harsh 1-on-1 Contact sport. In this game, two teams made up of 30 players (15 on each side ) have to compete. The game takes about two 45-minute half-hour contests and lasts between about three and four pounds. Every team will try to score more points than their rivals. Due to its extreme physical demands, you must be in excellent health to play this game.

10. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Mixed martial arts is another physically demanding and challenging sport that requires athletes to have strength, speed, and immense endurance. In order to build muscle and adequate stamina for this sport, you must combine speed, agility, flexibility, as well as speed. MMA can be very physically challenging.

Fighters have to be able to partake in long periods of intense battle and maintain great focus throughout the battle. This sport is definitely not for the faint of heart.

11. Climbing

Climbing is another physically demanding sport that demands competitors to have great physical fitness and endurance because they need to climb for long periods without halting. To partake in this sport, you must have a lot of endurance and great mental fortitude because it is naturally difficult, even with the right equipment. Besides the great discomfort, there is a high risk of injury in climbing. Are you willing to take the risk?

Closing Thoughts

The most physically demanding sports require athletes to build a lot of muscle and have strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, and great tolerance for pain. They are definitely not for the weak-hearted. Some of them can even take decades to master. Note that these sports should not be done by novices as they may suffer substantial injuries due to how dangerous they can be.

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