NBA Basketball Predictions and Tips

Before making an accurate Basketball prediction, you must learn how to make use of the right sports betting strategy. If you are a novice in the world of Basketball betting, but interested in engaging in it regularly, here are a few tips that can help you through your journey. Apply them during practice and with time, you will get better at predicting Basketball games.

An Overview of Basketball

Basketball is a game that is played between two different teams, consisting of five players each. The game is played on a rectangular court, typically indoors. During the match, each team will try to score a point by hurling the ball through their opponent’s goal. The goal is a high horizontal hoop and net known as the basket.

Basketball is the only major sport that is solely of U.S. origin. It was invented on December 1, 1891, by James Naismith. The sport was first invented at the YMCA (International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School), now known as Springfield College. James Naismith was a physical education instructor in the school and invented the game.

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Types of Basketball Betting Markets

Before making any form of Basketball prediction, you should know the different types of betting markets in Basketball. This will make it easier for you to know the most suitable betting market to wager in. Here is a list of the Basketball betting market available:

1. Moneyline

The Moneyline betting market is arguably the simple bet to place in Basketball. Essentially, it involves predicting the team that you believe will emerge as the winner of the game after the final whistle is blown.

2. Handicap or Point-Spread

The Handicap or Point-Spread betting market aims to balance the playing field when a strong team is playing against a weak team. In this bet, the stronger team has to win by specific margins for you to win a stake, rather than just winning the game.

3. Two-way

The two-way bet is generally reserved for unique sports like Basketball, where it is impossible to have a draw as an outcome. There are just two outcomes, so you choose which one to bet on.

4. Parlays / Multi-Bet

Parlay basketball bets generally involve single bets that link two or more stakes together. Winning here depends on all of the linked stakes winning together.

5. Teaser

A teaser bet permits you (the bettor) to merge bets across two distinct games. This enables you to alter the point spread, however, you will get lower returns if you win.

6. Quarter/Period

These betting markets generally involve the results of exact periods of play. For instance, you may be asked to predict the first quarter or the second quarter. Learn more about quarter in basketball.

7. Round Robin

This Round Robin betting market in Basketball is a series of shorter parlays that is brought out from a larger list of different selected teams. It’s just like a parlay, however, the betting options are limited.

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8. Odd/Even

This Odd/Even betting market allows you to predict whether the entire number of points scored at the end of a Basketball game (or series) will be even or odd.

9. Halftime/Fulltime

The Halftime or full-time betting lines are betting markets that allow bettors to wager on the outcome of a game during halftime, or at full-time. It typically involves points set for and against.

10. Proposition Bet

A prop bet generally involves placing a wager on either the occurrence or non-occurrence of specific in-game factors. These factors don’t really influence the final outcome of the game.

11. Race

Race is a thrilling basketball betting market. Here, you bet on which team you believe will hit specific points total first. Some types of race bets include “race to 12 points” and “race to 25 points”.

12 Special Player Bets

Special Player Bets are proposition bets that involve a precise player. Here, you need numerous prop bets to pay off if you want to win the stake.

Basketball Betting Tips

To help you in your Basketball prediction, we’ve listed out a few betting tips for you to hold on to. They include:

1. Register with only the best bookmakers

Before you start analyzing or predicting a Basketball game, you should start by signing up with numerous reputable bookmakers. Some bookmakers offer you plenty of odds on any Basketball games more than others. Research the best bookmakers that offer plenty of Basketball odds and sign up for them. This will give you numerous opportunities to wager on Basketball games and more opportunities increases your chances of winning.

2. Back the Bookmakers Favorites

Once you have signed up with numerous bookmakers that offer good Basketball odds, visit the different bookmarks and go through the odds offered by them. Also, look out for the team news of the match you are interested in before placing any bet.

When a prominent team plays against a team that is weak, there is a strong chance that they will emerge as the winner. Your best bet is to support the favorites, however, the odds will likely be very short. Hence, it is better to stake handicap bets if you want to get better odds.

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3. Keep Up to date with the form of the team

Remember that Basketball is a team sport, so you must consider the fitness of the players on both teams. Some teams with weak players or players with injuries may have lower chances of winning the game. Also, fatigue can have a major influence on the outcome of a game. Generally, you should consider the team’s health and the individual health of all players in the team.

4. Consider the inspiration of teams and players

Lastly, our major basketball prediction tip is to always remember that motivation is always a fundamental determining factor in the tactics of a meeting. You must always consider the importance of a basketball game before wagering. If the match is meaningless, the teams playing may not be too motivated to win the game and can play weakened line-ups.

Also, the lack of a major player on a team can affect the overall performance of the team. It may either lead to more solidarity between the teammates or wreak havoc on their organization.

Additionally, the feud between two popular teams is another major motivator. To gauge a team’s motivation, go through pre-match press statements. This will give you hindsight on what to expect and you can accurately predict the importance of the game to each team.

Other great tips include:

5. You need to have a basic understanding of the rules and terms of Basketball.

6. Watch Basketball games regularly to evaluate all players’ potential and figure out who is the underdog team.

7. Avoid Basketball predictions for every match played in a season. Just select the most suitable and practical ones for intense analysis instead.

8. Consider the opinions of various reputable betting experts and sources before placing your bet.

Bottom Line

Making successful Basketball predictions is not as difficult as you think. Just allow the tips we’ve provided above to guide you through your journey to becoming an expert bettor. Remember, unless you are already an expert in betting on Basketball sport, we advise that you don’t analyze matches by yourself if you don’t want to lose too much money on bets. Also, when it comes to betting, there is no 100% guarantee of the outcome. So only bet the money that you are willing to lose.

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