ZEbet will refund your stake if 1 game cuts your ticket. Here are the requirements
  • Select a minimum of 8 events on your ticket
  • Each event must have minimum odds of 1.30
  • If the events on your ticket are more than 8, please note that all the games on your ticket must have a minimum of 1.30 odds.
  • Example: If your ticket has 9 events with 1 event having odds of 1.20, this ticket will NOT be insured by the ACCA Refund. All  9 events on your ticket must have minimum odds of 1.30 to be adjudged to qualify for the ACCA Refund if one game cuts your ticket
  • All games on the ticket will be recalculated as 1.0 and the stake amount will be credited to your reserved balance for you to try again.
  • This applies strictly to Sportsbook Football Games “pre-match”