ZEbet CUT 2

Cut 2

Tired of losing bets? Play with our cut 2 permutation and ZEbet will pay you if two games on your accumulator cut.

How to play and win;

  • The minimum selection must be 10 games and above on a ticket
  • The minimum odds on each event must be 1.30 and above
How the Cut 2 Bonus is calculated;
  • Accumulator bonus will be subtracted foremost. For example, If you are given an accumulator bonus of N50,000 and your possible winning is N300,000 , then it will be calculated as N300,000N50,000 = N250,000
  • The odds that cut your ticket will be divided by N250,000. For example, If the odds that cut your ticket are odds of 1.50 and 1.80, it will be N250,000/1.50 x 1.80 odds = N92,592
  • The N92,592 will now be divided by the number of games on the ticket multiplied by 2. For example, you have 10 games x 2 = 20; it will be (N92,592/20 games = 4629.6)
  • Your stake amount is now divided by the number of games on the ticket to give the stake unit. For example, you staked N1,000, it will be now be N1000/10 games = N100 which is the stake amount.
  • The potential payout (Cut – 2) will be N4,629.6N100 = N4,529.6. The maximum refund is N100,000.
  • Allow for 24 – 48 hours for your cut -2 winning to be updated on your bet slip. You can also send your bet slip ID to or contact us via any of our customer care channels for speedy resolution and payout.
  NOTE: Bets placed with BONUS FUNDS DO NOT qualify to get paid.