Rafael Nadal hints at Real Madrid presidency but insists Perez is the best

Rafa Nadal has hinted at the potential future move as Real Madrid president, exploring a role at the iconic football club. Nadal, who has been a devoted supporter of Madrid throughout his life, expressed his enthusiasm for the prospect of leading the club in the future.

Currently, the position of Real Madrid president is held by Florentino Perez, who has served in this role for the past 14 years, with a previous stint as well. Nadal holds Perez in high regard, referring to him as the ‘best’ president the club has had. Nevertheless, Perez, at 76 years old, will eventually retire from his position, making Nadal a potential and popular candidate for his successor.

In an interview with Movistar Plus+, Nadal outlined his aspirations, saying, “I don’t know if I would join Madrid. I promise that it’s not always been a dream of mine. But if you ask me if I’d like to be Real Madrid president, I think I would. But first of all, we’ve got the best possible president at the moment. On top of that, how I feel today might not be how I feel tomorrow. And then you never know what can happen in life. You have to know if you’re capable of doing that type of thing. I’m quite realistic with myself; I more or less know my limitations. I don’t know if I’d be capable of doing it or not. Anyway, time will tell.”


Assuming the role of the Real Madrid president would involve overseeing all major decisions at the club and representing the face of Real Madrid. Despite his tennis background, Nadal has ample experience dealing with the media spotlight, which would serve him well in this role. Additionally, he would be responsible for convincing superstar recruits to join the club, and he has already expressed his desire to see PSG forward Kylian Mbappe join Madrid.

Mbappe has long been a target for Real Madrid, and it is expected that he may make the move to the Spanish capital in the upcoming summer unless he chooses to extend his stay at PSG. Nadal is optimistic about this prospect, saying, “Would another forward be welcome right now? I think so, but… I want Mbappe to come, I don’t have any problem with that at all, quite the opposite. I’d be happy if he came! Of course, I like Mbappe. He didn’t have any obligation to come before. Real Madrid is Real Madrid and is bigger than any other player. But Mbappe doesn’t have any obligation to come when our fans want him to come.”

In this way, Nadal not only entertains the idea of becoming the president of Real Madrid but also exhibits his passion for the club’s future success by supporting the acquisition of top talent like Kylian Mbappe. His potential leadership in the world of football would be a fascinating transition from his illustrious tennis career.