Responsible Gaming Policy

At ZEbet, we promote a reasonable use of our online betting websites. Betting is a form of pure entertainment, and you must keep it as a leisure and refrain yourself from the risk of addiction. We will stay at your disposal to assist whenever you are facing difficulties to keep control. ZEbet provides you with various means to endorse responsible wagering including self-regulation parameters and self-exclusion.


Whilst gambling can be a fantastic means of leisure, there are no certainties and as such, we would like to remind you of some principles:
  • Betting is an entertainment and in no way a sure way to make money.
  • Play only the money you can really afford to lose.
  • Keep a summary of the sums of money you bet.
  • If you need help, use the monthly deposit limit to self-regulate your expenses.


To ensure your pleasant online gaming experience with ZEbet, we remain and promote awareness of the social and financial problems associated with gambling. As such, we provide the options of players to set personal daily, weekly or monthly limits, as well as timed deactivation or complete closure of accounts. Simply place a call to our dedicated customer service team who will endeavor to ensure every effort is put in place to meet this request. However, you accept that ZEbet will not be held liable, should you be able to by-pass our security measures in circumstances beyond reasonable control. Please note that Setting down a limit takes immediate effects. Setting up a limit is temporized. Changes in periodicity (Daily / Weekly / Monthly) can only take place within 24 hours.


We recommend you periodically take our self-test to identify safe gambling habits. To find out, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Are you regularly away from work to play?
  2. Do you play to escape the monotony of your life?
  3. When you have no money to bet, do you feel lost and then have a strong need to replay as quickly as possible?
  4. Do you always play until the last penny you have on you?
  5. Have you ever lied about the amounts you have bet?
  6. Do your relatives sometimes blame you for your behavior in the face of games?
  7. Have you ever borrowed, stolen or lied to get money to play?
  8. Are you reluctant to spend money on your winnings other than gambling?
  9. Do you ever lose interest in your family or loved ones?
  10. When you lose, do you feel the urge to replay immediately to “remake”?
  11. Do conflicts, feelings of frustration and failure make you want to play?
  12. Do you feel depressed because you are a player?
The more “yes” you answer, the more likely you might want to TAKE A BREAK! For further enquiries about ZEbet Responsible Gaming Policy, please contact Customer Care: