Top 10 Best Leagues in the World

What is the best league in the world? This question is one that lingers in the mind of every football fan and has been a hot debate topic over the years. Although the answer to this question is usually dependent on personal preference, there is still a generally accepted answer based on certain criteria. In this article, we will examine the top 10 best leagues in the world based on specific criteria which will also be discussed. For more information, read the details provided below.

Criteria and Ranking for the Best League in the World

Some important criteria we used for ranking are the leagues with the biggest transfer costs, the highest value XI based on market value, average goals per match in the league, as well as their attendance.

While numerous second-tier matches can be considered good quality, they don’t have that tinge of excitement that can only be seen in matches that are at the top of every nation’s league system. Hence, we included only the top leagues in this article.

Which is the No 1 Best League in the World?

Currently, the Barclays English Premier League is the best league in the world. This league has an average SPI of 73.15. The best club in the league is Manchester City FC, with a rating of 93.9%.

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Top 10 Best Leagues in the World

From the least to the most, we’ve provided a detailed explanation of the 10 best leagues in the world right now. They include:

10. Major League Soccer (MLS)

Already home to one of the biggest stadiums, the MLS league has an extremely bright future. Due to how fast it is moving, it may soon be on the list of the top five best leagues in the world.

MLS is America’s own football league, which is currently the fastest-growing football league in the world. The game of Soccer has gained popularity in recent years due to the exponential investment it has received from reputable players.

David Beckham, one of the richest and most popular footballers, recently decided to invest in this league by setting up a team. In fact, many other prominent players see this league as a retirement plan. The likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Carlos Velasquez, and Wayne Rooney, have all picked interest in this league after retirement.

9. Argentine League

The Argentine League is another intriguing league and has earned its rightful place on this list. It is one of the oldest leagues and has produced several football superstars like Lionel Messi, Hernan Crespo, Lautaro Martinez, Higuain, Sergio Aguero, and Zanetti, Cambiasso.

The league is prominent among clubs all around Europe due to its tendency to generate extraordinary strikers and has a history of producing the best footballers.

Unfortunately, this league has experienced stagnancy in recent years and its position may soon be taken by the MLS. The stagnancy came as a result of the low viewership, which has also caused harm to its finances.

8. Portugal’s Liga NOS

Portugal’s Liga NOS is a historic football league that is not new to the game as they have been around for a long. Its place on this list is well deserved due to its very competitive nature. Popular teams like Benfica, Porto, and Sporting Lisbon all wrangle it out for who finishes on top of the scoreboard of this league at the end of the season.

The match between these three football clubs is always very interesting and intense because they’ve been known as rivals for a very long time. Also, many football viewers all over the world tune in just to witness this game.

Another thing is that this league is very popular for its excellent talent production line. They contribute greatly to the world of football by producing top-rated future football superstars almost every year. Generally, many prominent leagues see the Liga NOS as a supermarket for their future superstars. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest footballers in the history of football is a product of this league. Another example is Joao Felix who transferred to Atletico Madrid for a whopping fee of €120 million.

Although Liga NOS is not so buoyant financially, its reputation certainly precedes it.


7. Brazilian Serie A

The Brazilian Serie A has been a steady source of talent for many prominent leagues in the world. Just like the Liga NOS, this league is well known for producing skilled players and is well patronized by renowned leagues in the world.

World’s best players like Ronaldinho, Dani Aves, Neymar Jr, Adriano, and Rivaldo, are some of the products of this league. Recently, they released some new talents which we expect to rise to the top of the game in no time.

When looking at the pulling power of the Brazilian Serie A, it does moderately well and so many Brazilian players have decided to remain in the league.

Also, the league is an extremely interesting one that promises a bulk of excitement in every game. Brazilian Serie A does not have any consistently dominant club, and this shows how the talent is spread equally among teams in the league.

6. Dutch Eredivisiee

Dutch Eredivisie is the home league of the Netherlands. It is a very unique league that has a rich history of players and solid clubs.

Some prominent clubs you can find in this league are Ajax, Feyenoord, as well as PSV, and these teams do well to struggle for the crown every season.

Although Ajax has majorly dominated the league for some years now, it has not influenced the quality of the football matches and the overall entertainment the league offers fans viewing from all over the world.

Lastly, when it comes to finances, the Dutch Eredivisie is fairly rich, and it is also a supermarket for prominent leagues in Europe. Apparently, the league’s great exploits in Europe easily earn it a place on this list.

5. French Ligue 1

The French Ligue 1 has been around for a long time and is also watched by millions of people all over the world. In fact, this league is privileged to be among one the famous and honoured leagues known as the ‘The top 5’ leagues.

The league is very strong on every ground, judging from the competition level, financial aspect, star status, as well as the number of viewership globally.

Usually, this league is called the “Farmers league” by many prominent leagues. This is due to the low competition that exists in the league, which can be compared to a one-horse race.

This one horse is PSG (Paris Saint Germain), who have skilled players like Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi. These players have led the team to victory with so much ease.

Their financial strength is also something worth talking about. They signed Neymar Jr. for a whooping transfer fee of €222 million. Also, Kylian Mbappe was signed in for a mouth-watering transfer fee of €180 million.

This amount is more than enough to purchase a full team in any of the clubs in “Europe’s top 5 leagues”.

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4. Italian Serie A

The Italian Serie A is another prominent league that can be best defined as a one-horse league. However, this doesn’t take away the fact that this league is fiercely competitive and has attracted millions of viewers all over the world.

This league is described as a one-horse league because Juventus FC has been on top of the scoreboard for the past 9 years. Also, they have won the title on straight occasions despite the numerous changes in the coaches and the administration of the league.

However, one major thing that has eluded this league is a UEFA Champions League title. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since an Italian team won the Champions League. The last time was when AC Milan won their match against Liverpool in 2007.

Ever since 2007, it has almost been as if they are inexistent. Although Juventus came very close to winning in 2015 and 2018, they eventually lost the final match on both occasions.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny that the Italian Serie A is a very powerful and competitive league. Although their financial power is not too big, the league still remains on top.

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3. Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is the first league that comes to mind when speaking of leagues with the most exciting football matches.

The majority of clubs in the Bundesliga play attacking football, with a unique characteristic of long-range goal dominating. Many teams in this league have shooting prowess that reminds them of the strong machines the Germans produce.

Also, this league can be best described as a two-horse race due to its highly competitive nature. With prominent teams like Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munchen battling for the title in all seasons, the struggle in this league is definitely real. It is almost as if other teams don’t exist in this league due to the lasting battle between these two teams.

Bundesliga boasts of many superstars from different teams, with the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Joshua Kimmich, Jude Bellingham, Thomas Müller, and many others.

With all these superstars in the league, Bundesliga is definitely the 3rd best and most prominent football league in the world currently.

2. La Liga

When thinking of the best league in the world, La Liga is one name that comes into the mind of so many people. It is not just one of the best leagues in the world, it is also one of the most popular football leagues.

Its popularity is due to the existence of two powerful football clubs, called Real Madrid and Barcelona. Also, its biggest audience is gotten from an intense match between the two giant clubs. These clubs have a great history of feuds, which started in 1900.

La Liga is also a very lucrative league and boasts of so many superstars. This league is completely blessed with wealth and appeals to so many football stars all over the world.

1. English Premier League

The first on this list and the best league in the world currently is the English Premier League. This league is a combination of uniqueness, excitement, intense fun, and unlimited suspense. It is also extremely competitive and this makes it stand out from the rest of the leagues around the world.

The Premier League is also the most lucrative league you can find in the world, as it generates earnings ten times the earnings of other leagues.  The league’s huge profits enable its teams to make big signings with outrageous transfer costs.

Also, when it comes to viewership, the English Premier League is the most popular football league in the world. This makes a lot of sense, given the huge earnings the league gets from its worldwide viewership. In addition, they boast of having so many superstars and this has been their major point of attraction. Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Harry Kane, and Erling Haaland are all key players in this league.

If there is one league that needs to be ranked as the best in the world, it is certainly the English Premier League.

What are the 3 Most Popular Football Leagues?

Here are the top three most popular football leagues in the world currently:

  1. The English Premier League (EPL) is currently the most popular league in the world and is the home league of England.
  2. La Liga is the second most popular league and is the home league of Spain.
  3. Serie A is the third most popular league and is the home league of Italy.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the title of the best league in the world belongs to the English Premier League. Over the years, this league has brought extreme excitement to its fans that come from far and wide to watch matches fixed on the league. While some people have argued that La Liga deserves the title of the best league in the world, the facts stated above show that La Liga doesn’t come close to the English Premier League when it comes to football.

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