What is Action Reverse Bet?

In the past, bettors who wished to engage in sports betting either had to bet on a total or side. However, these days, there are a variety of other kinds of bets available for you to engage in. We now have future, proposition bets, and action reverse bets, which makes betting more fun. In this article, we discuss the meaning of action reverse bets, how it works, and how you can place this kind of bet.

What is an Action Reverse Bet?

Action Reverse bets work together with ‘If Bets’, which is a type of bet that puts a connection between all your stakes that are dependent on the one prior to it. Essentially, reverse bets permit you to place your if bet with reverse action, which means that you have two stakes placed both ways. If your first bet wins, then your second bet will be placed automatically, or bet two wins and place one.

Primarily, an action reverse bet enables you to stake on two to eight matches, just like a parlay wager. However, the wagers are staked conditionally on the one before it. This means your first stake will need to win before your second bet can be placed, and then your second stake will have to win for the third bet to be placed, and so on. Then, when you stake action reverse bets, it gives you a secondary bet that goes in reverse. Therefore, your fourth wager will have to win before your third, while your third wager will need to win before the second bet will be placed, and the second bet will have to win before the first bet is placed.

Essentially, if you’re placing 2 bets, the second one will go in reverse order – reversing the entire action.

How to Place an Action Reverse Bet

For example, let’s assume you want to bet on an NBA game and you decide to select three betting possibilities that occur at different times of day. You have:

Chicago Bulls-150 (1:30 pm game) You place a $50 bet to win $83.33

Denver Nuggets -120 (4:45 pm game) You place a $80 bet to win $146.67

Brooklyn Nets +250 (8 pm game) You place a $50 bet to win $200.

If your stake wins, you would get a total of $300.

For the action reverse bet, each bet has to correct for the next one to activate. If the first is correct and the next one activates, you can then continue along with your If bet stake. If the Chicago Bulls win in the first game, your bets will get cleared while the Denver Nuggets bet activates. If you win the second bet, your bet on the Brooklyn Nets activates. You must win in all of these stakes to win the reward for your total If Bets.

However, when you place an action reverse bet, you are basically just reversing this process. Your second slip, reversed bet action would begin with the $50 bet on the Nets at +300, where you have to return $200. Your second stake on the Nuggets would be activated and $80 would be staked on the Nuggets at -120 winning you a total of $146.67. Lastly, the third leg of your bet would be the Bulls at -150, where you are to win $83.33. You would also win a total of $300 with this format.

A good tip to always remember when reversing any If Bet you place, is to stake similar amounts of money on the first and last bet. Do this so you won’t be losing any extra money if you lose any of the wagers.

These stakes are all dependent on the one before it, so if the Nuggets lose, you will lose your bets both ways. If any of the games you stake on lose, your wager slip won’t win.

As parlays bet, all the parts of the action reverse bet have to be accurate for you to be qualified for winnings. You really need to be sure of your stakes, particularly the middle one, before placing this kind of bet. This is because your second bet is the only bet similar to both your first wager and the reversed action bet.

  • Find between two and eight matches that you would like to bet on.
  • Your first stake is an “if bet”, and you have to wager on these matches in reverse order.
  • When the first leg of your stake wins, then the second part of the stake gets activated. You must make sure that your bet wins to continue.
  • If your second wager wins, the third stake in your game comes into play, and so on.
  • If you lose any of your bets, your whole betting slip will be lost.

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What are Action Reverse Betting Options?

You can place varieties of action reverse bets. You can decide to combine diverse sports and even different betting kinds into 2 to 8 match slips. Also, you can decide to place an action reverse wager on an NBA total, a college basketball moneyline, and an NHL point spread if you want to. Here are two reverse better options that are worth exploring during gambling:

1. Double Action

A double-action bet is a kind of conditional bet or an if-win bet that involves betting on two different events with different commencement times on the same day.

2. Fast Action Bets

Fast action bets are available at a handful of sports betting organizations. Essentially, this reverse bet staking option permits you to place a winning stake on a game that is planned to start imminently. This can allow you to bet on improved odds rather than what was initially available.

Note that if any participating match in your bet is cancelled or declared “No Action”, any Action Reverse bet with stakes on the cancelled match will be reduced.

Why Choose Action Reverse Bets Over Single Game Wagers?

Linking different games together while expecting a greater cashout is what parlay bets are used for. This bet allows you to combine different odds and create a very risky ticket. However, with Action Reverse wager, you aren’t really trying to tie your bets together while hoping for a bigger payout. Essentially, you are linking different regular single-game stakes for almost no reason.

There actually isn’t any good reason to select action reverse or if bets rather than single-game bets, except for the fun of it.


Overall, we recommend that you take precautions before playing an action reverse bet, as it is a highly-technical kind of bet. Make sure that you have a little bit of betting experience and some understanding of what it entails before diving into it. Also, don’t stake any money you are not willing to lose, as sports bets aren’t 100% guaranteed.

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