What is Rollover Bet?

If you are new to betting, there are some attractive features that you can use to your advantage. One of these features is the rollover. Basically, a rollover bet is imposed on gamblers by a sportsbook as a wagering requirement to meet before they can be eligible for a bonus. Therefore, a bettor can’t be eligible for any sportsbook unless he meets the rollover wagering demands. However, some rollovers can be predatory so you have to bet with caution.

What is a Rollover?

Rollover is the entire amount of money that a gambler must bet to become eligible to withdraw the winnings of a sportsbook bonus. Essentially, they are bonus offers open to you when you make a deposit at a sportsbook for the first time. However, this offer comes with the criteria that you must bet a specific amount before you receive the bonus.

For instance, if you deposit N100 with a 15x rollover bonus, you have to make a total of N1,200 worth of bets to earn the bonus money. Although it may seem simple to execute, it is quite difficult to win the bonus money.

Sometimes, some sportsbooks can even make the terms and conditions of their rollover very stringent. This can put new gamblers at a disadvantage since they won’t be playing a fair game.

Examples of Rollover Bets

For instance, if a sportsbook offers you a 1x rollover from its bonuses, here’s what it means. If you deposit the sum of N100 and earn a N100 bonus, you just have to make N100 worth of bets before you can earn the bonus since it’s just 1x the necessary deposit amount.

Basically, this implies that if you bet on a N10 match, you have to make ten bets before they allow you to withdraw your bonus.

With an offer of 10x rollover, then you have to bet N1,000 to enable you to withdraw.

So, if you are placing a bet of N10 for each football match, you have to bet 100 games to access your bonus.

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Rollover stipulations Differ depending on the Sportsbook

Some Sportsbooks sum up all bets differently toward their rollover and set rules for betters so that they won’t try to cheat the system.

For instance, if you deposit the sum of N100 to claim a bonus that has a 10x rollover, you have to risk N1,000. Many people will bet the sum of N100 on 10 favorites at about -1000 to receive the bonus immediately. However, this is a wrong move. Many sportsbooks don’t estimate favorites that are below 1.5 against the prerequisites for your rollover.

Some sportsbooks may only measure your successes towards the rollover. So if you place a bet of N40 to earn N30 on your favorite League, just that N30 bet will count. Other books will simply assess your winnings and the full amount you risked the losing bets.

Finding the Rollover Requirements

When looking for the basic conditions for a rollover, some sportsbooks are simpler than others. Offshore bookies tend to have outrageous conditions for rollovers, which they state in their terms and conditions. Some legal books also do it and don’t even term it as rollovers.

FanDuel terms them a “Play Through Requirement”, usually, they offer bettors a favorable 1x rollover on any N500 risk-free bet.

You need to fulfil the rollover quickly

One stringent condition that is unfavorable to every bettor is: “you have only 30 days from depositing to earn it”. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw the earnings from the bonus.

However, not every sportsbook places this condition, but most of them still do it which is the disadvantage of a bettor. To change N200 into N7000 within just one month means that you must bet aggressively and pray that you get lucky. If you get lucky, the outcome will be worth the stress.

How to claim bonuses with rollover

To claim any bonus with rollover, you must be determined to win it. Either you forfeit your initial stake of N200 or you’ll win N1000 quickly, but don’t be too relaxed because you need to put in extra effort to claim the bonus.

Also, make sure that you cross-check the stipulated rollover number in the terms and conditions of the platform. If you can’t find them there, try looking for them in the voucher. The bottom line is you must know the rollover number before you make a deposit. Not knowing this information beforehand may restrict your access to your bonus later.

Checking the Rollover’s Status

Sportsbooks that have unfriendly rollovers are likely to hide them as much as possible. Hence, they won’t offer bettors any status bar to indicate how much closer they are to their cash-out limit. If you are using a site that works this way, reach out to their customer service provider for help on how to know your rollover status.

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Bottom line

From what you have learnt so far, it can be quite difficult to claim rollover bet bonuses. The more the sportsbook offers you, the lesser your chances of fulfilling their requirements. However, as we started earlier, if you want to win this bonus, you must be confident enough to go in and bet without regrets, no matter the outcome. Always, remember that you must not bet away all your money. You have to practice financial restrictions when it comes to betting because its outcomes are not guaranteed. Read our article on Easy Bets To Win Money and How To Use Double Chances Strategy in Football Betting to earn massively and minimize loses.

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